Lance – Not Originally Moviestorm


When originally conceived several years ago, the plan was to produce Lance the Freelance Ambulance Driver in Antics3D pre-viz software. This is one test scene created in Antics3D. Turns out, the engine at that time was just too stiff.  (Watch the final Lance here.)

Once Antics was ruled out, I thought very hard about doing the film in Grand Theft Auto IV, and actually went so far as to location scout and do some test footage. Ultimately, that idea was ruled out for copyright reasons as well as difficulty performing effective lipsync and getting custom content into the game.

GTA ambulanceThe only regret I have in going with Moviestorm is, GTA IV really got my imagination going as far as having the film take place in a large, thriving city – an aesthetic difficult to create in Moviestorm. Also, I’d have had a lot of fun with the driving sequences (and probably would have had a lot more of them).

All in all, though, I’m very happy with the decision to go with Moviestorm, because it does the dialogue so very well.


  • Ricky Grove

    Antics had possibilities, but stiff animation made it difficult to do anything realistic. MS, despite rendering issues, is able to bring out the humor and pace for the store, IMO. Too bad about GTA though. Man that would be been cool. Love the film the way it is though, Phil. Really great work and we fucking miss you making films! (pardon my French).

  • Frederis Ettenein

    Funny ! You're the first person who talked about Antics 3D for several years. I'm not sure a lot of people like me have tested possibilities of this previz software. About your current project, may I suggest you an idea : shoot your Moviestorm characters on green backgrounds and then embed them in shots of GTA IV? You would keep the dialogues and scenes of cars.

  • Phil Rice

    Great idea, Federis! If I had Lance to do over again, that's definitely something I'd try. Thanks for the comment!

  • Richard

    How did you get the ambulance add on in moviestorm

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