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Lance – Not Originally Moviestorm


When originally conceived several years ago, the plan was to produce Lance the Freelance Ambulance Driver in Antics3D pre-viz software. This is one test scene created in Antics3D. Turns out, the engine at that time was just too stiff.  (Watch the final Lance here.) […]

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Sun Nov 17, 3pm PST (6pm EST)


As mentioned previously, my new comedy short will be premiering at the Machinima Expo.  The time of that live premiere is now confirmed as:  Sunday, November 17, 2013 @ 3:00PM PST (6:00PM EST).  See the entire schedule for that day’s event here. You can watch […]

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Next film world premiere at Machinima Expo 2013


My next short will premiere worldwide at the Machinima Expo on November 17, 2013. I’m not certain of the timing yet, and it may end up just inserted into the day’s playlist without much fanfare (my idea, actually). But if I learn anything more on the expected […]

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Ran the latest release candidate for a new short by a small group of close friends who do this machinima thing.  I don’t always do the “focus group” thing.  Maybe I should. I felt compelled to this time, because it’s been awhile, and I suspected […]

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